Slow Motion Oil & Water by John Carey

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【教学名称】:Slow Motion Oil & Water by John Carey

Slow AND easy. 

John Carey has knack for making a simple card trick into a miracle. Slow Motion Oil and Water is a very simple effect turned into a miracle. Four red cards and four black cards are placed on the table and then magically transposed. Then, you take another one of each color and mix the colors. Impossibly, the cards un-mix themselves. Finally, with no seeming sleight of hand from the magician, you end with the ultimate color separation.

Slow Motion Oil and Water is so visual. And it happens with a very simple method making it really seem impossible. The cards are normal and you can even do this with a borrowed deck. It really looks like you are mixing cards in the fairest way possible. And then, by magic, they un-mix or mix at your command. 

Simple to perform method

Starts and ends clean
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