2014 DD 花切教学 Vortex by Anthony Chanut

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2014 DD 花切教学 Vortex by Anthony Chanut
It has been an introduction three years in the making that we must confess is long over do. Today however, it's our pleasure to introduce Anthony Chanut, a distinct and exceptional flourisher hailing from the south of France.
In 2010 whilst lecturing in Paris, we were amazed by Chanut's dexterous fluidity and high-speed artistic prowess. To us, the community was suffering a huge blow, having not appreciated such visual skill. We took it upon ourselves to produce his debut project, Vortex.
After filming was complete, however, our long hours of work were lost and as such years have been spent trying to reassemble the project we once had.
Luckily, earlier this year, the original footage was rediscovered and Anthony took it upon himself to re-edit everything from scratch to bring Vortex into your mind and hands. Each explanation harkens back to the days of The Trilogy, boasting on screen text and highlighted maneuvers for expedited learning.
Shot on location in Chicago, the fast and unyielding speed of Anthony Chanut echoes nothing short of the tempo of one of America's finest cities.