2011TheBlueCrown发行Alex Geiser七种变牌手法作品Intensity

2011TheBlueCrown发行Alex_Geiser七种变牌手法作品Intensity 图1

2011TheBlueCrown发行Alex Geiser七种变牌手法作品Intensity

The Blue Crown魔术网站推出新的下载版教学,来自Alex Geiser的Intensity,主要是教导7种变牌的手法,售价10美金,教学长度为30分钟。

从宣传片可以看到Alex Geiser以优雅的方式来呈现变牌效果,令整体感觉更加神奇和梦幻。变牌一直以来都是在快速的情况下完成,不过Alex Geiser却颠覆传统,采用戏剧效果般的动作,以流畅却缓慢的方式来完成。

根据The Blue Crown的官方资料,Alex Geiser是过去几年都是魔术大会的焦点,这名地下魔术师以流畅却缓慢的表演方式深深吸引许多人,他的手法是具有值得学习之处。

Alex Geiser has been lighting up the underground magic scene for the past few years. At conventions, magicians young and old surround him as he blows their minds with his slow and deliberate sleight of hand. Alex's style is smooth and mysterious, making it seem that much more impossible.

The Blue Crown is proud to offer Intensity, Alex's video debut. This download offers over 30 minutes of detailed instruction, covering 7 sleights that will allow you to make cards appear and change with just a wave of the hand and no extra movements. In addition to the sleights themselves, Alex also covers the psychology and drama required to build tension and turn these moves from simple trickery into moments of wonder. This is straight-up magic, pure and simple.